9 Times Journey Was EVERYthing


9 Times Journey Was EVERYthing

By ModernMelly

Let Me Just Say:

Journey. Steve Fricking Perry. Need I say more? Wait, it’s a blog, so yah, I guess I do. Okay, so I grew up on a wonderful, eclectic, hodge-podge of music: Motown took turn with 70’s soft rock and 50’s bop on the console stereo. What’s that, some of you say? It looked like this:

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As I got older, that big guy was used mainly as a table (where my parents eventually put a cool 80’s stereo system on top of), but that right there was the beginning.

My older brother was my second source of music education. From him I discovered the Rolling Stones and Genesis as well as INXS and Depeche Mode, Led Zeppelin, among many others.

I loved all of it, couldn’t get enough. Then the magical day came, when I stole my brother’s newest record from his room, snuck it into mine and slid it out of its statically charged cover.

The  sunlight shone through my open window, catching on the shiny black grooved surface. The words in the center of that raven disc? Journey: Escape. The song that I dropped the needle on: Stone In Love

Hang on, I need a moment.


Okay, I’m okay. Here’s the thing, girls like to imagine the song they’re hearing is about them, and I was no different.

So when Steve Perry sang “Golden girl, I’ll keep you forever…” he was singing it to me. That.Was.It. I was instantly, irrevocably hooked on Journey (well, Steve Perry, as many of you already know). I absorbed every song, every album into my pores, there was even a time when I could tell you the most minute and irrelevant Journey/Steve Perry fact. Much of that is now long forgotten, but what remains some 30 years later is the feeling of those songs, that music. There’s a nostalgic wistfulness, an innocence (my own) that music always brings me back to when I hear it, it’s magic in a way.

Stone In Love was my intro, the point from where I traveled backwards and forwards through Journey music history, and yes, imagined I was muse for every song. Shut up, don’t judge. Here, in a most self depreciating way, are some of my most memorable ‘song moments’:

Send Her My Love 

11-year-old me imagines Steve Perry loves me, but alas, he can’t desert the band! He must leave me, but…

Girl Can’t Help It

It’s true, Steve, I can’t! I just… I just need more…

Be Good To Yourself

You know what? You’re right, damn it. I WILL be good to myself, I will!


Any Way You Want It

12-year-old me imagined Steve and I at a carnival all night long, playing games and going on rides, you know, any way I wanted it. Older me heard that song a little differently. Steve, I’m blushing.

Separate Ways

No. Noooooooooooooooooo. You cut your hair?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’

Lies Steve, lies! I never! Who is she? Is it that Sherrie chick? Just tell me, Steve.

Feelin’ That Way

That’s not Steve, that’s not Steve! What happened, where is h-, oh, there he is. Phew. Never mind.


(Lights/)Stay Awhile 

I… sigh. As if this needs explanation? Pu-leeeze…


Sure, there are so , SO many more I could add, so many others that have meant something to me. Don’t get me started on  Steve Perry’s solo career, that’s a whole other blog post. Hmm, a whole other blog post….. gotta go!

(Oh, and if you love these guys as much as I do, check out these two stories: Steve Fricking Perry and If I had A Soundtrack to My Life)


About Modern Melly, aka Melanie Cherniack: Melanie a a published author to nine children’s books, as well as two novels, all available through her website modernmelly.com/shop. Melanie is also the founder and designer of the #goodhuman brand, selling empowering, uplifting and inspiring merchandise which benefits numerous charities. Visit igoodhuman.com for more. She is available for book signing events as well as speaking engagements. To book an event email Melanie at modernmellyworld@gmail.com. Find Melly on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE.

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  1. Thanks for your blog about Steve Perry. I also admire him from afar. I did not get to see Journey back in the day when Steve Perry was the lead singer. Oh what a regret. I am taking my seven-teen year old daughter to a Journey concert on April 4. Although I know that Steve Perry will not be there singing, I at least want to share Journey’s wonderful music with her.

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